2-side coated papers
Woodfree, high quality two-side coated Art Papers and Boards. Widely recommendable for high quality jobs, competitively priced, environmentally friendly. Universell using
Cast coated Papers and Boards
The most complete cast coated paper and board sortment. White, color and metallised (Chromolux Alu).

Application areas:
- Wet labels
- Luxury packaging (cigarettes, perfume, cosmetics)
- Graphic uses (brochures, annual reports, invitations, presentation folders, greeting-, post and business cards).
Carbonless Copying Papers
Self copying high quality paper which enables copies to be made without carbon paper. The sheet types have special coatings. Available in sheets and reels.
Paper for Digital, Inkjet- and Laser printing
High quality woodfree paper range. Offering across a wide range of grammages and surfaces. Available in sheets and reels.
Bond Papers with and without Watermark
The classic business paper for quality correspondence. An assortment of papers with rag content with watermark (also available without). For use with all printing processes. Is one of the classic papers that are destined never to go out of fashion.
Bookbinding material
Covering material made of very tough, specially selected pulp. High strength factor and excellent printability. Has very good processing characteristics and can be printed and embossed using various techniques.
Transparent and Opaque Drawing Papers
Highly transparent drawing paper. Excellent resistance to scratching and erasing - for reproduction and also for Laser and Inkjet printers. Available in sheets and reels.